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Transition, Change and Transformation

Transition, Change and Transformation

February 9, 2019

In this recording of a Sunday Service that Reverend Rebecca shared with her former congregation, she discusses how we can release and let go to our spiritual guidance - even when it doesn't seem to "make sense".  During a meditation after she celebrated a "milestone" birthday, she heard a voice asking her, "what is your legacy?"  Realizing that she was not living up to her fullest spiritual potential as a teacher of esoteric wisdom, she made the hard decision to leave her position as Sr. Minister and Spiritual Leader of her beloved church, and establish a what is now Golden Quest Mystery School. 

She says that "When you engage and commit to your spiritual life – shift happens!  Doors open, miracles become daily occurrences until they are just a part of your everyday life – normal instead of miraculous."

This is a universal message that will be sure to inspire to take your own leap of faith - even when it doesn't seem "logical"!


Listen to the BEAT!  Your Quantum Heart

Listen to the BEAT! Your Quantum Heart

February 28, 2018

An inspiring look at exploring the inner workings of your heart from a quantum level! Do you hear your heartbeat?  Are you listening to the message it brings from your Soul?  Rev. Rebecca takes us into the inner-workings of just what it is that makes us "tick".

Driving Your Karma

Driving Your Karma

February 8, 2018

"Man cannot perform the slightest act without inevitably triggering certain forces which, just as inevitably, produce certain effects"  ~ The Kybalion

 This is the original idea of KARMA.  It was only later that the word has come to mean debts incurred by past misdeeds. 

In this talk, Rev. Rebecca discusses how Karma is related to the Law of Cause and Effect, and the principle is a universal Law that has been frequently misunderstood.  

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